Why A Virtual Extension Is A Must Have For Any Business

By Madelina West
7 September, 2022


If anyone faces any problem from any corporation or a product, customer service is the first place they dial. After telling the main receiver or receptionist their problem, the receptionist diverts their call to the concerned department and they, furthermore provide a solution. Sometimes an automated voice receives the call and guides a grieving customer and then directs the call to the concerned department. The automated voice is the same for any customer calling in. People often do not wonder much about how this happens, however, an extensive process goes on behind this procedure to make consumers’ life easier. Usually, this process is known as a call forwarding system. Corporate Helplines often use one of two, either a virtual extension or a regular extension

What are the voip extension?

In order to understand what are the types of extensions, we need to go back to basics and understand what is an extension actually. In simple terms, extensions refer to the number of telephones, needed by any corporation in an office, which is usually equal to the number of customer service employees or all the phone using employees. These extensions are a vital part of any office as they help connect one phone or one department to another with ease.

Features of extensions

Virtual extensions are usually cheaper than regular ones because in regular ones only unlimited inbound calls are included in the rate, and this is why they’re more lucrative for corporations. When it comes to a virtual extension it relies only on an external phone.

How does a virtual extension benefit a business?

A virtual extension is really beneficial for any business, because for many reasons, however, the main reason is that it allows employees easy access to work from home. It also makes an organization appear large and more unified. It also provides ease, because all the calls that get diverted get recorded.  A virtual extension is also usable for numbers that do not have any person involved at all. They also allow a business to establish a local presence in any target specific area. Usually, a virtual extension can also be a seven-digit number that any grieving customer can dial.

Virtual extensions are really helpful and vital to any business, they have a plethora of advantages, from storing data to allowing ease of communication. A virtual extension is necessary for any business to grow, not only does it accelerate and boost the growth of the business but also makes it convenient for owners to go back and do a thorough recap of all communications happening between customers and employees. This allows owners to better understand the areas that are causing their customers trouble and allows for improvement. Therefore a virtual extension is a must-have for any business.

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